Why are Blunt Microcannulas the Obvious Choice for Dermal Fillers?


Dermal fillers are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Contouring of the face, restoring volume loss, enhancing features such as lip plumping can all be obtained with very little downtime. Just 15 years ago, surgery was the only way these enhancements could be performed. There are some minor complications associated with fillers such as pain, bruising, swelling which are fairly common (>70%) and some major risks such as vascular occlusion, blindness, and stroke which are much less common.

The most common method to administer fillers is using the needle which is packaged with the product. While needles are very easy to use, in the author's opinion, they are more risky and lead to more downtime versus the blunt microcannula technique. Microcannulas were introduced to the United States about 8 years ago from Europe. These were a smaller version of the already widely cannulas which were used for fat transfer. When compared with a needle, cannulas are more flexible, longer, and their tip is more rounded. The following advantages are found with cannulas:

  1. Fewer dermal penetrations - cannulas are introduced through only a small number of pilot holes.

  2. Less discomfort - the dermis contains more pain fibers  than the deeper tissues. The injections with cannulas are below the dermis, so discomfort is less.

  3. Less trauma to tissues/less bruising - because of the rounded tip, the cannula is less likely to nick blood vessels leading to less bruising and swelling.

  4. Faster procedure times - With an experienced cannula user, placement of filler is done very quickly and efficiently. (Cheek/tear troughs <5 minutes per side, lips <5 minutes)

  5. Less vascular occlusion risks - While cannulas aren't 100% safe, the risks of injecting into a blood vessel are less because entering a vessel is more difficult with the rounded tip and flexible shaft. This is true for the larger gauge cannulas such as 22, 23, and 25. Recent studies by Dr. Pavicic and Cotofana have shown the 27g cannulas have the same force needed to enter a vessel as a 27g needle and therefore should not be used.

Galderma recognized the advantages of microcannulas and became the first company to get FDA approval for their use with Restylane Silk in lips in 2017, and for Restylane Lyft for the cheeks in 2018. While less than 10% of providers use cannulas in the US, there is a push by the top injectors to encourage their widespread.

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Why Dysport Is Becoming More Popular?


The most popular cosmetic procedure in the world is wrinkle reducing injections with neurotoxins or the friendlier term, neuromodulators. The injections work by reducing the activity of the muscles they are injected to, there by resulting in less movement and less dynamic wrinkles. Static wrinkles, ones that appear at rest, are less affected by these injections, but over serial treatments, improve as well.

The history of neuromodulators dates to the isolation of the botulinum toxin, the cause of botulism, in the 1928. It was later refined and made commercially available for injections in the 1989 and initially FDA approved for strabismus, lazy eye. Soon thereafter, blepharospasm, spasm of the muscles around the eye, treatments were approved. The team of Carruthers and Carruthers observed that during blepharospasm treatments, the wrinkles around the eye, crows feet, were also improved. Studies were later performed on the frown lines, and FDA approval for cosmetic use was achieved in 2002.

There are currently 3 FDA approved neuromodulators of botulinum toxin A for cosmetic use: Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin. They all work similarly by blocking the acetylcholine release at the neuromuscular junction. Each brand has their own definition of what a unit dose is, so this can be confusing to both the practitioner and the patients. The differences between the 3 is the associated inactive protein, or absence of this protein in the case of Xeomin. Studies have shown that once the drug powder is mixed with water or saline in the provider’s office, the inactive protein disassociates almost immediately. Why then, are there differences in clinical outcomes between the 3 neuromodulators?

There is a recent comparison of the active protein molecule in the 3 products dosing in the glabella. The study looked at the FDA approved doses for frown lines – glabella. A very interesting finding was that there was 0.27ng in Dysport using the 50u dose vs 0.18ng in Botox’s. Xeomin was a distant 3rd coming in at 0.08ng with their 20u dose. In essence, patients are receiving a stronger dose when using Dysport when compared to Botox or Xeomin.

It’s long been established that Dysport seems to be effective (in 1-2 days) sooner than Botox (3-4 days) but the reason was never clearly elucidated. It’s also well known that higher dosing of any of the neuromodulators will lead to longer durations of action. This higher level of active protein with Dysport can explain the clinical phenomenon of quicker onset and longer duration.

One other topic needing addressing is the myth of higher diffusion with Dysport vs Botox. Diffusion or spread, is a result of dosing, volume, speed of injection and not a function of the neuromodulator. As stated before, when reconstituted, all the products are free of their associated proteins and only consist of free, active protein. We now know that Dysport has more active protein in their approved dosing, so to compensate, lower volumes must be used for reconstitution. The author’s recommended reconstitution for Botox is 2cc and for Dysport is 1.5cc for the glabellar injections. When diffusion or spread is desired, larger volumes can be used.

With the recent comparison study of active protein in the dosing schemes of the 3 commercially available neuromodulators, it is easy to see why Dysport should be the standout choice. Dysport gives more effective treatments because of the higher active protein, leading to quicker onset and longer duration than Botox and Xeomin. Pricing is usually less with Dysport, so it becomes a “no brainer” 1st choice for Dr. Weiner’s practice.

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How Do Botox and Filler Treatment Work?


Botox & Filler injections are an anti aging procedure that is in great demand. This procedure is often chosen as an alternative to the face lift procedure and other plastic surgery. However, there are still many important sequences that need to be known about the type of treatment performed. Starting from pre-treatment preparation, during treatment and post-treatment. For this reason, prospective patients will need to research each process. Knowing the right treatment after Botox and Filler injection is one step right for the patient.


Before carrying out treatment, you should consult with doctor or certified injector so that the treatments obtained are in accordance with facial problems that want to be improved in function and appearance. Of course, by visiting trusted Toronto beauty clinics which is a reference place as one of the fillers and Botox specialists in Toronto. During the treatment, make sure the condition of the body and body are in a fit and healthy state, this is so that the results of the treatment are maximized. When doing filler treatment or Botox, it should be in a comfortable and relaxed condition.

The condition of the face to be injected with Botox or filler must also be in a clean condition, you should not use cosmetic products before injection. Before injecting, numbing cream is applied to the face to make it easier when injecting. This is about 45 minutes to reduce the pain during the injection. Then the liquid will be injected no more than 10 minutes. Meanwhile, redness and rebellion will occur at the injection site, but only temporarily around 24 hours after injection and will disappear by itself. The effective duration of Botox lasts about six to four months, for that to do routine or not the skin condition will return to normal.

Post-care Fluids in Botox injections or fillers are natural fluids that can be absorbed by the body. Reversible nature can return to original position. Then the liquid will be absorbed and removed through body fluids in a matter of a few months. As an effort to avoid things that are not desirable after being injected with Botox or filler, you should stop taking drugs or vitamins that thin the blood such as aspirin and vitamin E. These blood thinning drugs can cause the recovery of blood vessels that bruise can be long. At least for 3-4 hours in a sitting position so that the liquid can occupy the right position. Ideally within 3-4 days fluid is still looking for the right position and place so that the face shape from Botox injection and filler can be felt perfectly.

For this reason, it is recommended to go to the clinic who offers the post-injection day. If there are things that will still be repaired, the injection can be done again as a reposition of liquid. We offers free touch up within two weeks period to all our clients. In addition, it is also forbidden to massage the part that is injected within a week after injection.

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Raise Confidence Using Filler Treatment at Toronto Beauty Clinic!


Everyone has a different face shape. No human has a perfect facial appearance. This suggestion came from several people who wished to have a perfect appearance. Problems arise when each person has a different definition of a perfect face, then expresses that opinion to someone who has a different opinion. When people who do not comply with these criteria hear it, not infrequently it will make people become insecure. Therefore, many people begin various activities to change the appearance of their faces. One of them is plastic surgery. However, plastic surgery is not only expensive, but also requires a short time. In addition, the risk that is owned is also quite high. Even so, some people still choose this option to change the look on their faces. Actually, there are other procedures that can change the face that are more effective than plastic surgery. The procedure is known as dermal fillers, or more commonly known as filler treatments. What are the advantages of this method? This method allows patients to see the results in real time in minutes. This method is done by inserting a special liquid into the face by an experienced beauty doctor. Therefore, this procedure is suitable for those of you who want to change the look of the face safely. Which part of the face can a filler injection be given? The following is an explanation of the facial parts that are suitable for filler treatment.


The filler treatment for the forehead is done by injecting the filler on the forehead. This process will make the forehead look more volume than before. You can use it to make your face more symmetrical than before.


Injecting fillers in the jaw section has often been done by many beauty doctors in various clinics. This process aims to improve the appearance of the jaw that looks incorrect or there is a difference between the upper jaw and the lower jaw.

Cheek Augmentation

Many people have cheeks that are not balanced on each side. This can happen due to a wound that marks on the cheek. Filler treatment aims to increase the volume of cheeks lost due to injuries or other influences. Cheeks will return to have the ideal volume. Nose The nose of one part of the face that used to be often operated on plastic to get the appearance that fits the desire. Now you can have the perfect nose for you by doing filler treatments. Not only is it safer, but using this treatment is also faster to form an ideal nose.

Lip Filler

The lip filler treatment process is very popular treatment at Toronto Beauty Clinic for our clients. People want to look like idols who have charming lips. Volume display of lips will certainly add to the attractiveness of women. Not only that, your lips will look healthier by using this treatment. With various women who are increasingly aggressively using this treatment, beauty clinics are starting to emerge. Make sure you don't visit a beauty clinic that claims to have an experienced doctor.

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Botox Injections To Overcome Excessive Sweat


The treatment of Botox is increasingly becoming more widely known by modern society. However, most think Botox is only useful for a number of things. The treatment that people know is only limited to anti-aging treatments, such as removing wrinkles, tightening and smoothing the skin, and improving facial contours. Actually, Botox injections can also be applied to overcome other problems that occur in parts of the body. You can use Botox injections to suppress excessive sweating in the armpit area. Hyperhidrosis When the temperature in the body increases, the nervous system activates the sweat glands. Sweat that comes out through the pores is useful for stabilizing body temperature. However, there are cases where a person's body sweats excessively. Even when his body temperature is low or not doing heavy activity. In the medical world, the condition is called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is caused by the nervous system responsible for sweat glands that are overactive, causing excessive production of sweat. Using a deodorant containing antiperspirants sometimes doesn't help much. Therefore, other more effective treatments are needed, for example Botox treatment. Botulinum Toxin fluid helps to paralyze troubled nerves.

Botox injection procedure Botox treatments are often carried out by hospitals or beauty clinics that are certified and involve professional doctors and nurses. Unfortunately, many clinics began to mushroom which often deceived the public. They often discuss low prices, but the results of clinical care are completely irresponsible. At the Toronto Beauty Clinic, every patient who chooses Botox treatment must do a basic examination first. A history of allergies, the current condition of hyperhidrosis, and which parts require botox are important things that a beauty doctor needs to know. After all the data is collected, then the injection process is carried out. The body part that often has problems is the armpit. Apart from being susceptible to hyperhidrosis, this part is also susceptible to causing unpleasant smells. Often the doctor will ask the patient to shave the armpit hair 1-2 days before the Botox fluid is injected. Durable and minimal risk results Botox treatments are proven to provide real results in a short time. Sweat production will decrease considerably after the first treatment. The number of patients for each patient is different from one another, where it depends on the size of the problem of hyperhidrosis which is naturally passive. The number of injections is in the range of 20-50 times.

In addition to the appropriate dosage and recommended intervals, Botulinum toxin is not harmful to the body. Minor things like mild swelling, rashes, intolerable pain, or uneven skin surface are normal reactions that may occur. However, the recovery period for all reactive items only takes a few days. For those of you who are interested in doing Botox treatment at Toronto Beauty Clinic, you can call us at 416-398-0111 or email us at info@torontobeautyclinic.ca.

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