How Do Botox and Filler Treatment Work?


Botox & Filler injections are an anti aging procedure that is in great demand. This procedure is often chosen as an alternative to the face lift procedure and other plastic surgery. However, there are still many important sequences that need to be known about the type of treatment performed. Starting from pre-treatment preparation, during treatment and post-treatment. For this reason, prospective patients will need to research each process. Knowing the right treatment after Botox and Filler injection is one step right for the patient.


Before carrying out treatment, you should consult with doctor or certified injector so that the treatments obtained are in accordance with facial problems that want to be improved in function and appearance. Of course, by visiting trusted Toronto beauty clinics which is a reference place as one of the fillers and Botox specialists in Toronto. During the treatment, make sure the condition of the body and body are in a fit and healthy state, this is so that the results of the treatment are maximized. When doing filler treatment or Botox, it should be in a comfortable and relaxed condition.

The condition of the face to be injected with Botox or filler must also be in a clean condition, you should not use cosmetic products before injection. Before injecting, numbing cream is applied to the face to make it easier when injecting. This is about 45 minutes to reduce the pain during the injection. Then the liquid will be injected no more than 10 minutes. Meanwhile, redness and rebellion will occur at the injection site, but only temporarily around 24 hours after injection and will disappear by itself. The effective duration of Botox lasts about six to four months, for that to do routine or not the skin condition will return to normal.

Post-care Fluids in Botox injections or fillers are natural fluids that can be absorbed by the body. Reversible nature can return to original position. Then the liquid will be absorbed and removed through body fluids in a matter of a few months. As an effort to avoid things that are not desirable after being injected with Botox or filler, you should stop taking drugs or vitamins that thin the blood such as aspirin and vitamin E. These blood thinning drugs can cause the recovery of blood vessels that bruise can be long. At least for 3-4 hours in a sitting position so that the liquid can occupy the right position. Ideally within 3-4 days fluid is still looking for the right position and place so that the face shape from Botox injection and filler can be felt perfectly.

For this reason, it is recommended to go to the clinic who offers the post-injection day. If there are things that will still be repaired, the injection can be done again as a reposition of liquid. We offers free touch up within two weeks period to all our clients. In addition, it is also forbidden to massage the part that is injected within a week after injection.

To find out which Botox and filler treatments fit your face's needs, consult with an experienced nurse from Toronto Beauty Clinic first, it's free!