What’s more accurate – Cannulas vs Needles


There is an ongoing debate among injectors as to what method of injecting fillers is more accurate. The needle pundits state that the needle can inject in any tissue, at any depths. While this is true, is the filler actually placed where they think it is? Cannulas aficionados argument is that cannulas will stay in the plane which they are placed, and are therefore more accurate.

In a paper titled "Precision in Dermal Filling: A Comparison Between Needle and Cannula when Using Soft Tissue Fillers." by Pavicic, Frank, Cotofan, et all, the debate was studied. There were 10 cadavers studied for supraperiosteal injections. The filler injected was radiopaque. Needles were placed in position using a perpendicular transcutaneous approach. The cannulas were placed in a similar position in the supraperiosteal plane. Using fluoroscopy, the injected material was analyzed in the horizontal and vertical planes.

The results show that in over 60% of the needle injections, the material changed planes (became more superficial) and this was not found in the cannulas group.

The conclusion was that cannula filler placement is more precise because the filler remains in the plane of the intended implantation much more so than needle placement.

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Get a Proportional Face Shape With Filler

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Reducing the elasticity of the skin results in disproportionate changes in your face. Especially on the smile line, chin, lips and neck. Which makes your face look older and unhealthy. Filler treatments are present that will restore elasticity and improve the shape of your face. This treatment will increase the volume on your facial skin, so the skin will look firmer without fine lines. Especially on the lips, neck, nose and cheeks. Some filler treatments are widely used to make the shape of your lips more sensual, sharpen your nose, and form a V shape on your cheeks and jaw so that your face looks thin and long. Filler treatments can last for 6 to 12 months. The fluid resistance in this treatment depends on the level of fluid injected into your face.


Apart from being able to provide a proportional face shape and cover the signs of aging, Filler also has other benefits for your skin. Like for example, removing black stains, brightening the skin, restoring elasticity or elasticity on your skin. Filler Care Procedure This treatment uses an injection procedure on the bottom of your skin. The liquid injected into the skin is a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that can restore moisture and improve the texture of your skin. With the bottom of the skin filled it can disguise fine lines, wrinkles, and restore the shape of your face that is less than perfect. The procedure is fairly safe and the results are fast because it does not require surgery. Nevertheless, the procedure of action must be carried out by an expert doctor who is certified or has a practice permit. And it is highly recommended to consult in advance about your skin problems before taking care. In addition, the dosage on Hyaluronic Acid that is used is not excessive or must be in accordance with skin needs and doctor's advice. So that it does not cause side effects that can harm you. Most importantly, you are strongly advised to do any skin care whether it's Filler or Botox in the Beauty Clinic that has been trusted with a variety of experiences in dealing with skin problems. And has special certification in undergoing problematic skin care.

This is of course to avoid things that are not desirable, such as experiencing side effects. Of course you don't want that right? Beautiful face with the perfect shape that you want.

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What Is Myomodulation?


The aging process leads to hyperactivity of the muscles of the face. This movement leads to increased wrinkles and loss of the smooth, youthful appearance of the skin. In the upper face, neuromodulators such as Dysport and Botox, do a great job at relaxing this hyperactivity. What’s trending with aesthetic providers is dampening the muscle movement but not complete relaxation, leading to a more natural expression without “freezing” the patient.

Unfortunately, the neuromodulators can’t be administered throughout the entire face. In the lower face, low doses of neuromodulators are safe for the lips, chin, gummy smile, and DAO (AKA RBF) muscles for the most part. Inhibiting the lower face too much leads to changes with expression and smiling. What can be done to control the muscles in this area? Filler!

(Side note: Hyperactivity of the lower face has been described by Dr. Weiner in gum chewers in a previous blog. It leads to accelerated aging in the lower face and should be discouraged by aesthetic providers.)

An interesting study by Dr. Nowell Solish supports this concept. Using a rather large and sophisticated machine, Dr. Solish was able to determine muscle strain in the lower face during facial expressions. He compared patients in their 50’s to ones in their 30’s. As expected, the older patients had more muscle strain than the younger patients. He then injected the older population with Restylane Refyne and Defyne, 3-4cc in the perioral area. These fillers have XPresHAn technology and have flexibility – stretch capabilities. After the injections, the older patients were restudied for muscle strain. The findings: The muscle strain of the 2 groups (older vs younger) were basically the same. The filler was able to reduce the muscle strain about 15 – 20 years!

What’s the explanation? Dr. de Maio has coined the term myomodulation. His theory is that filler placed around hyperactive muscle leads to stretching and relaxation of the muscle. While this is plausible, there is probably a better way to describe this phenomenon.

Dr. Weiner’s theory: Think of an Aston Martin that has a top speed of 230 mph or more. However, in the US, to conform to the laws and regulations, governors are placed on the car to keep its top speed at 180 (This is purely hypothetical and used for illustrative purposes only). Dr. Weiner feels the fillers Refyne/Defyne limit the full range of movement of the hyperactive muscle, akin to a governor on the muscle. Why these fillers work so well at doing this is because they can stretch and recoil (akin to a tether), leading to some, but not excessive muscle movement. Other fillers would work but with a different and less natural mechanism. Think of the non-flexible fillers as acting as a wall, and not as a governor or tether.

With the new XPresHAn fillers, Refyne and Defyne, we now have a new treatment modality for the lower face which is highly effective. Myomodulation is real, exactly what is the underlying mechanism is still debatable

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Identifying Acne Types and Treatments


An estimated 50 million people suffer from acne every year in the United States, with 85% of those between 12 and 24 having experienced it at some point of their lives.1 The formation of an acne lesion occurs when the skin is oily and begins to shed excessively, clogging the pores and supplying a food source for Propioni­bacterium acnes (P. acnes). This creates inflammation and an immune response. In this article, we will identify the types of acne, discuss complicating factors and present some traditional and cutting-edge treatments for the condition.

Identify the Type

Comedonal, inflammatory and cystic acne are the main categories used to define this condition. Topical treatment for these types of acne are provided below. In addition, lifestyle plays an important role in how you can rebalance and correct acne. See Lifestyle Acne Tips for a list of tips we share with clients dealing with this condition.

Lifestyle Acne Tips

Keep it cool. No hot yoga when dealing with Acne. Yoga is great for keeping the mind and body de-stressed which in turn controls hormonal activity. Hot yoga involves excessive and sweating which can cause more breakouts and irritate an already unbalanced skin.

Probiotics. help to restore some of the unhealthy bacteria (microbiota) that antibiotics can wipe out. We recommend that our clients consult a nutritionist to find the great probiotics formula for their needs.

A healthy diet. encourages eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole foods, and recommend a holistic diet with reishi mushrooms, red clover, peppermint, saw palmetto, black cohosh and green tea. These control the presence of androgens and can reduce the severity of acne

Watch the sugars. Simple sugars in particular are highly inflammatory. Candy, sodas, ice cream, alcohol and white food s are the main culprits. Dairy foods can also exacerbate acne as well as iodides in supplements

Clean tools. We recommend that our male clients sterilize their razors after each use and that our female clients clean their makeup brushes every week.

Good Habits. Make sure clients are removing all makeup at the end of the day with several cleansing steps and plenty of toning. Above all, advise them not to pick. For painful breakouts, we recommend ice 15 minutes, 2 -3 times a day and LED blue light to help reduce severity and scarring.

Clean surfaces. Changing pillow cases at least twice a week helps minimize the effects of indoor pollution. Have clients wipe smartphones, glasses, steering wheels, plane seats and food trays when travelling with an antiseptic wipe to cut down on bacteria exposure.

Hydration. Make your clients hydrate inside and out. Plenty of water keeps the system flushed and healthy. Also, a light topical serum or hydrating lotion will help to re balance the skin. Don’t eliminate moisturizers. The right one will help, not hinder, the healing process.

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Sexy Lips Less than 10 Minutes with Filler Treatment


Unfortunately, not all women are created with proportional lips. So it needs special "engineering" techniques to make it look more beautiful. One procedure that is very possible to try is filler treatment. Treatment or injecting fillers is a beauty procedure that is done by injecting special ingredients or substances into certain body parts using syringes. Even though this procedure is very classified and does not require long processing times such as plastic surgery, it still cannot be done by just anyone. Because if the action is not right then the results will be far from expected.

Involving professional and experienced beauty experts in their fields is the wisest decision before doing filler treatment. Toronto Beauty Clinic is one of the best clinic in Toronto for lip filler treatment.

Is Pain Filler Treatment Painful? The first thing people often worry about injecting lip fillers is the pain they cause. Filler treatment is a mild action. Injection done on any part of the body is actually not too painful. The injection process only causes pain for a moment but can still be tolerated. As long as following the advice of the treating doctor, after the injection process you will not experience further problems.

Benefits of Lip Filler Broadly speaking, injectable lip filler is beneficial for aesthetics. But for more details, this treatment can provide several benefits, including: The Shape And Volume Of Lips Become Better With the help of Hyluronic Acid, the lips will look more volume. Suitable for anyone who has too thin lips. The Lip Surface Becomes More Smooth In addition to increasing volume, injecting lip fillers is also useful for smoothing the skin of the lips. The lips surface feels softer and the lines on the lips are not too noticeable. Smooth and soft lip texture will help the application of lipstick to be more perfect and the color lasts longer. Lips Look Healthier Lips that do not get a touch of care at all will gradually disrupt. Without the help of lipstick, the appearance of the lips is not very attractive. Filler treatments help you get healthy, reddish lips. So you don't need a lipstick polish every time.

Will the results last long? Although lip filler injections can provide results faster than plastic surgery, the changes are not permanent. Hyaluronic Acid performance in the injected body only lasts about 8-12 months. Therefore, lip filler treatment needs to be repeated. To get maximum results when doing filler treatments, of course you will need to choose a well-known and trusted beauty clinic, such as the Toronto Beauty Clinic.

Experienced nurse will provide input to the patients for the treatment that best suits their individual needs, so that filler treatment will remain maximum and safe.

Want to immediately do filler treatment to get sexy lips but still safe, healthy and not problematic? You can contact Toronto Beauty Clinic here to do a free consultation!