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Everyone has a different face shape. No human has a perfect facial appearance. This suggestion came from several people who wished to have a perfect appearance. Problems arise when each person has a different definition of a perfect face, then expresses that opinion to someone who has a different opinion. When people who do not comply with these criteria hear it, not infrequently it will make people become insecure. Therefore, many people begin various activities to change the appearance of their faces. One of them is plastic surgery. However, plastic surgery is not only expensive, but also requires a short time. In addition, the risk that is owned is also quite high. Even so, some people still choose this option to change the look on their faces. Actually, there are other procedures that can change the face that are more effective than plastic surgery. The procedure is known as dermal fillers, or more commonly known as filler treatments. What are the advantages of this method? This method allows patients to see the results in real time in minutes. This method is done by inserting a special liquid into the face by an experienced beauty doctor. Therefore, this procedure is suitable for those of you who want to change the look of the face safely. Which part of the face can a filler injection be given? The following is an explanation of the facial parts that are suitable for filler treatment.


The filler treatment for the forehead is done by injecting the filler on the forehead. This process will make the forehead look more volume than before. You can use it to make your face more symmetrical than before.


Injecting fillers in the jaw section has often been done by many beauty doctors in various clinics. This process aims to improve the appearance of the jaw that looks incorrect or there is a difference between the upper jaw and the lower jaw.

Cheek Augmentation

Many people have cheeks that are not balanced on each side. This can happen due to a wound that marks on the cheek. Filler treatment aims to increase the volume of cheeks lost due to injuries or other influences. Cheeks will return to have the ideal volume. Nose The nose of one part of the face that used to be often operated on plastic to get the appearance that fits the desire. Now you can have the perfect nose for you by doing filler treatments. Not only is it safer, but using this treatment is also faster to form an ideal nose.

Lip Filler

The lip filler treatment process is very popular treatment at Toronto Beauty Clinic for our clients. People want to look like idols who have charming lips. Volume display of lips will certainly add to the attractiveness of women. Not only that, your lips will look healthier by using this treatment. With various women who are increasingly aggressively using this treatment, beauty clinics are starting to emerge. Make sure you don't visit a beauty clinic that claims to have an experienced doctor.

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