Get a Proportional Face Shape With Filler

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Reducing the elasticity of the skin results in disproportionate changes in your face. Especially on the smile line, chin, lips and neck. Which makes your face look older and unhealthy. Filler treatments are present that will restore elasticity and improve the shape of your face. This treatment will increase the volume on your facial skin, so the skin will look firmer without fine lines. Especially on the lips, neck, nose and cheeks. Some filler treatments are widely used to make the shape of your lips more sensual, sharpen your nose, and form a V shape on your cheeks and jaw so that your face looks thin and long. Filler treatments can last for 6 to 12 months. The fluid resistance in this treatment depends on the level of fluid injected into your face.


Apart from being able to provide a proportional face shape and cover the signs of aging, Filler also has other benefits for your skin. Like for example, removing black stains, brightening the skin, restoring elasticity or elasticity on your skin. Filler Care Procedure This treatment uses an injection procedure on the bottom of your skin. The liquid injected into the skin is a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that can restore moisture and improve the texture of your skin. With the bottom of the skin filled it can disguise fine lines, wrinkles, and restore the shape of your face that is less than perfect. The procedure is fairly safe and the results are fast because it does not require surgery. Nevertheless, the procedure of action must be carried out by an expert doctor who is certified or has a practice permit. And it is highly recommended to consult in advance about your skin problems before taking care. In addition, the dosage on Hyaluronic Acid that is used is not excessive or must be in accordance with skin needs and doctor's advice. So that it does not cause side effects that can harm you. Most importantly, you are strongly advised to do any skin care whether it's Filler or Botox in the Beauty Clinic that has been trusted with a variety of experiences in dealing with skin problems. And has special certification in undergoing problematic skin care.

This is of course to avoid things that are not desirable, such as experiencing side effects. Of course you don't want that right? Beautiful face with the perfect shape that you want.

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