Massage Services

The history of massage goes back for centuries. For hundreds of years its effect on human body was analyzed and studied, and with the studies the techniques and skills were evolving to perfection, these studies did not stop and the process is ever evolving. Massage is very complicated and responsible procedure, hence only licensed professionals may do it who gone through extensive training of human anatomy and massage techniques. We are very selective in our masseuses and we also provide them with additional training when we feel it necessary. All of our masseuses are licensed professionals with medical background; also they are constantly increasing their qualifications through studies aboard and with additional licensing. Our goal is to surround our client with maximal care and attention and we provide exceptional massages.


Rates apply for all massages

30 min  -  $ 60 
45 min  -  $ 65
60 min  -  $ 80 
75 min  -  $ 100 
90 min  -  $ 120 

Swedish Massage

A light pressure relaxing massage that calms the body, offering a reprieve from the chaos of daily life.

Deep Tissue Massage

For those who require focus on specific muscle groups or areas of tightness, deep tissue methodology offers a more intensive stroke and compression that lengthens and separates muscle fibers.

Hot Lava Stone

An incredible massage experience incorporating heated stones to bring new dimensions of relaxation. Increases circulation and releases tension and congestion in the body.

Prenatal Massage

A light massage recommended for expectant mothers during the second or third trimester. Modified massage positions and use of support cushions offer enhanced relaxation, with a focus on lower back pain, water retention and sciatica. Please note, prenatal guests must have completed their first trimester prior to booking.

Trigger Point Therapy
Reflexology (feet )