“Collagen is all the Rage”


Toronto beauty clinic is proud to announce Clayton Shagal, a Canadian based company, product line established is 1982 Specializing in COLLAGEN.

Skin consists of 70% collagen which accounts for up to 90% of the connective tissue, most of collagen lives in the dermal layers. Various studies have proven that collagen which is capable of retaining as much as 8x its weight in water proves by far that it is the skins most moisturizing element.

As we age, it is important to remember that our skin is constantly loosing vitality which causes our collagen fibers to weaken.

Clayton shagal’s 99% pure marine extracted collagen helps to slow down the ageing process and restore those weakened collagen fibers by reformatting their collagen into gels and liquid concentrate formats that can penetrate the dermis resulting in increased skin density in the dermal layer, restored resilience, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin tone, texture, clarity and most importantly moisture within the skin is sustained.

Visit "Toronto Beauty Clinic" today and ask one of our highly trained medical aestheticians about a refreshing, renewing, collagen Clayton Shegal Signature facial and watch your skin restored.

Our certified medical estheticians can provide you with a complimentary skin analysis and educate you on Clayton Shagal’s 3 step home skin care routine, which is as simple as:

1.       Cleanse and prepare the skin

2.       Nourish the deep skin layers

3.       Strengthen the epidermis

Call us to book an appointment to see how Clayton Shagal’s products can fix the foundation of the skin to make you look younger and fresher.